Solimar Print Director Enterprise v8.1 released

Solimar Systems have released Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise (SPDE) version 8.1, a software solution that provides data stream conversions and output management control for high volume transactional printing environments. This latest version of Solimar's flagship product contains new productivity features, intuitive user interface enhancements and module updates.

SPDE 8.1 enhancements include:

"Aliased Resources" Feature -
This new functionality simplifies the migration of SPDE configurations to different environments. Using an alias map, a complete set of resources and directory locations for a configuration can be exported to and implemented within a new environment. This functionality increases the speed of migrating SPDE to a new computer or promoting an SPDE configuration from a development environment to a staging environment or to a production environment.

Streamlined System Manager - Improved user interface (UI) components simplify a system administrator's navigation and view. The enhanced interface allows users to quickly locate, select and manage SPDE objects using an expandable/collapsible, node-based "tree" structure. In addition, several UI components are now "dockable" pods that can be detached and placed anywhere on the desktop.

Updated PostScript/PDF Interpreter Version - An enhanced PostScript/PDF interpreter streamlines resource handling to process PostScript and PDF data faster and more efficiently.

New Solimar Package Viewer - The new viewer utility is designed to assist users with managing and organizing SPDE configurations and alias resource map packages in testing and development environments.


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